Monday, 25 April 2011

Pogo Sketch: A Stylus For iPhone/iPod/iPad

No doubt about it, Apple has done an incredible job on creating a sleek, straight forward, easy to use touch screen interface to control all functions of its devices. However, for a lot of people, this interface doesn't always work best in all situations. Gloves, or long fingernails can be a touch screen device's worst enemy. To combat this, I would like to introduce you to Pogo Sketch. A "stylish" stylus designed to work with the capacitive touch screen found on many handheld devices, most popular today: the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

On the outside, the Pogo Sketch is about the length of the iPhone. With a soft foam tip (which actually cleans the screen as you use it!), a metal pocket clip, and is as skinny as a crayon. Available in a variety of colors for the fashion minded geeks out there.

The Pogo Sketch functions on a single point of contact on the screen which means apps using multi-touch won't function too well with this device, but what it is good for is activities like web browsing, emailing, taking notes, etc.

At a price of only $14.95 this little gadget could save you a lot of time and frustration. Not to mention pin point accuracy playing Angry Birds! Of course, you could always make your own fully functional stylus for free by wrapping an anti-static bag around an old pen.. But that would just look silly :)

Written By: Amardeep Juneja