Monday, 25 April 2011

Pogo Sketch: A Stylus For iPhone/iPod/iPad

No doubt about it, Apple has done an incredible job on creating a sleek, straight forward, easy to use touch screen interface to control all functions of its devices. However, for a lot of people, this interface doesn't always work best in all situations. Gloves, or long fingernails can be a touch screen device's worst enemy. To combat this, I would like to introduce you to Pogo Sketch. A "stylish" stylus designed to work with the capacitive touch screen found on many handheld devices, most popular today: the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

On the outside, the Pogo Sketch is about the length of the iPhone. With a soft foam tip (which actually cleans the screen as you use it!), a metal pocket clip, and is as skinny as a crayon. Available in a variety of colors for the fashion minded geeks out there.

The Pogo Sketch functions on a single point of contact on the screen which means apps using multi-touch won't function too well with this device, but what it is good for is activities like web browsing, emailing, taking notes, etc.

At a price of only $14.95 this little gadget could save you a lot of time and frustration. Not to mention pin point accuracy playing Angry Birds! Of course, you could always make your own fully functional stylus for free by wrapping an anti-static bag around an old pen.. But that would just look silly :)

Written By: Amardeep Juneja

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Score A Free Copy of UltraISO 9.3!

In June 2009, PC User Magazine Australia offered a free UltraISO v9 full version license to its readers. Here's how you can pickup this freebie.

Search on Google for the install with the file name uiso93pes.exe. You should be able to find a copy of this file on Mediafire. Download the file and run the installation. When you are prompted for Registration details, use the following information:

Name: PC User readers
Serial: 4BF9-8D1E-1786-30A8

Keep in mind that the demo version of UltraISO available on their website will NOT work with this serial key. This was a special promotion that was only valid with the uiso93pes.exe installer.

Happy ISO'ing!

Written By: Amardeep Juneja

Scripting - Create Your Own Serial Port Data Logger

Although Serial ports have pretty much become extinct in today's world. There still are a few legacy applications that still require the use of them. In this blog entry, I will show you how to log serial port data to a text file without the use of any 3rd party software or using Hyper Terminal in Microsoft Windows.

Start Notepad and create the following script

@echo off
echo type COM1 >> C:\com1.txt

Replace "COM1" with the COM port you wish to monitor, and set whatever file path you want the log to be output to (in this case C:\com1.txt). This script will keep running until you manually stop it by closing it or if you press CTRL+C.

Save the file with a .BAT extension and double click it to start logging! If you really want to get fancy, you can create a scheduled task and have the script run on boot-up if you need to monitor the port 24 hours day.

Written By: Amardeep Juneja

Mount A Remote ISO - Intel KVM

For those of you making the most out of the new Intel AMT 6.0 featured in the new Core i series processors, you may be wondering how to enable the remote ISO mounting feature. Intel reccomends using Real VNC Viewer Plus to do accomplish this. If you don't want to spend the $100 for the license, there is a free way to mount ISO's remotely to systems using the Intel new integrated KVM.

I would like to introduce you to the Intel Managebility Developer Tool Kit. You can pickup the installer here

Read through the Software Agreement, click Accept and enter your e-mail to be granted access to download the file.

After the install, start the Manageability Commander Tool

Right Click on "Network" and click "Add Intel AMT Computer"

Type in the IP address of the System, user name "admin" and the password to your MEBx.

You will then see the new system in the network tree. Select the computer, and click "Connect" on the connection tab.

Once connected, click the "Remote Control" Tab and click "Take Control" The Commander Tool will now connect to the Intel KVM and you will get a new window showing "Serial-over-LAN - Connected"

Click "Disk Redirect" Select "Change Target CDROM" and select if you want to mount your physical CD ROM or an ISO. If you wish to mount an ISO, select the ISO file you want to mount.

Click the "Disk Redirect" menu again and click on "Redirect Active"

To Force the System to boot to the remote ISO/CD ROM drive, click the "Remote Command" menu, and click "Reboot to Redirect CD" and click YES

This is all you need to do to get the ISO or physical CD ROM drive mounted. You can now connect to the system using the free VNC Viewer and boot off the remote ISO or CD ROM Drive. When you are done, go back to the Manageability Terminal Tool, Select the "Disk Redirect Menu" and Uncheck "Redirect Active" This will now release the ISO file.

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Written By: Amardeep Juneja