Saturday, 12 March 2011

BBM Coming To The Android & iPhone?

Yes, that's right. Rumors on the Internet have been flying around that RIM is currently planning on making its successful Blackberry Messenger app and service available to Android and eventually iPhone users. The strategy behind this move appears to be that RIM can profit by charging a one time, or even recurring monthly fee for users who want this app. The app would be a watered down version of what you would get if you had a Blackberry, but does give you the basic features to send messages without the ability to share photos, locations or videos. (Actually a smart idea, first they get you hooked on the service, but then make you switch to their handhold's if you want all the features)

Sources indicate RIM will be developing the app for the Android first since it would be much easier to develop the app for an open platform, but plans are still in the works for an iPhone version as well.

More updates to follow as they become available.

Written By: Amardeep Juneja